Citrus configurator

Configurator V6.0 available now!

For End Users

  • Easy to use 3D interface when user can assembly complex product from (possibly limitless) set of parts. Let your inspiration fly while making your selections!
  • Each part can have different selection like material, color etc.
  • No installation is required, only modern web browser
  • Instantly see price of your configuration (if enabled)
  • Designed for both B2B and to end customer use

For Maintainers

Rule Engine

  • With Excel based rule language you can easily configure relations between parts and modules
  • Excel integrated tools to validate and publish you products and modules

Module Assembly

  • Products can be made up from multiple (simple) modules and can be combined by end user to a complex end product, like building something from Lego™ blogs
  • Rules limits how modules can be combined together so that user configured product is also valid for production

BOM Management and Pricing

  • Automatically generate BOM from user configuration
  • Optional cost base calculation from actual BOM items (end user will only see final prices)

3D Assets

  • Import 3D assets from 3D tool like 3DSMax or Blender
  • Configure 3D asset placement with Excel based rules

Simplified Licensing

  • V6.0 has only one licensing edition and support fee (monthly)
  • Available as on-premise and cloud version, according to customer needs

What is the Citrus configurator?

The Citrus configurator is a versatile and easy to manage-tool for personalized and optimized product planning in sales. Many of our customers have raised their competitiveness and market shares with help of the revolutionary Citrus configurator.

By efficiently taking advantage of the customer’s existing ICT-infrastructure, we create a new effective way to intensify the sales and planning for the customer. The Citrus configurator efficiently uses Your ERP-, CRM- and CAD-systems for processing the information.

The manufacturing industry is rapidly changing and if you want to know how to adapt to the new market, contact Citrus.


Configurator Benefits

  • Speeds up Lead-to-Order time
  • Streamline sale process
  • Reduce cost of sales
  • Grow and maintain margins
  • Optimizes manufacturing and material costs
  • Minimizes the risk of human error
  • Optimizes the cost structure

Case Example: Ensto


Ensto CuboLink

Take a look at Ensto Cubolink configurators Demo video.